Paving the path to healthy, nourished skin via cosmeceuticals

Founded in 2015, we are Singapore’s leading aesthetics center committed to improving your skin health in the most effective and efficient way. Our cosmeceutical products are formulated in USA, in consultation with dermatologists, and made in Singapore after meticulous rounds of research and testing. We are proud of upholding the highest standards of quality and excellence when it comes to our products or our in-house face treatments.

What are cosmeceuticals and why are they better?

Cosmeceuticals are a hybrid between cosmetics and pharmaceutical drugs. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, a cosmeceutical product is supercharged with active, potent ingredients that are suitable for long term use. Formulated with higher concentrations of ingredients, they are clinically proven to have positive effects on the skin.

Cosmeceuticals are better than cosmetics, which are safe to use long-term but are less effective over time. Moreover, cosmeceuticals allow consumers to choose products that address their unique skin concern such as visible signs of ageing, acne, dullness, pigmentation etc.

Our cosmeceuticals are enhanced with higher concentrations of skin-loving ingredients such as niacinamide, peptides, ceramides, Vitamin B5, C, retinol, EGF and antioxidants for a long-lasting radiance.


To simplify skincare for all skin types

Let’s be real. In today’s day and age, with the popularity of 10+step skincare routines and over 1000 brands in the market, skincare has become terribly exhausting and confusing. We are here to change that. By combining time-tested, clinically proven ingredients, we help you achieve multiple skin goals with minimal products that can significantly shorten and simplify your skincare routine. Simply scroll through our product recommendations based on your skin type.


Pure, high-concentrate ingredients for proven results.

We only use research-backed top-notch ingredients which have been tested on different skin types over a period of time.

All our products are

Free of alcohol, steroids, parabens

Cruelty free

Free of harsh chemicals

Higher in concentration

Carefully chosen for potency

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