Medicels EGF Grow and Glow Serum



We’ve made skincare simple with EGF Grow and Glow serum, supercharged with 100% pure EGF for faster skin cell growth, the key to improving skin firmness and elasticity as well as collagen production. The breakthrough fast-absorbing formula also contains Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide—both proven and highly effective ingredients for smooth, hydrated and pore-free skin. Look and feel your best with this youth-enhancing superserum.

Medicels EGF Grow and Glow Serum





Faster Skin Cell Rejuvenation=Wrinkle, Pigmentation Free skin

Did you know, like collagen, Epidermal Growth Factor is a protein that’s naturally found in our skin. It is responsible for activating skin cells called fibroblasts, which then produce collagen to thicken and tighten skin. However, over time, our EGF stocks diminish, which partially explains skin loosening and thinning.

EGF Grow and Glow serum replenishes these miracle proteins and help increase collagen production, necessary for skin tightening, pore reduction, disappearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation, while strengthening the skin barrier for greater moisture retention. In other words, EGF, our star ingredient is the time machine we all need for healthy skin and youthful radiance.

What goes in our bottle?

Pure EGF


Hyaluronic Acid

The strength and purity of the ingredients is what makes Medicels EGF Grow and Glow a gamechanger when it comes to simple and effective skincare.

Clean Beauty  No Alcohol, Sulfate, Paraben and SLS/SLES Cruelty free and vegan-friendly

Clean Beauty

No Alcohol, Sulfate, Paraben and SLS/SLES

Cruelty free and vegan-friendly

Why choose Medicels EGF Grow and Glow?

  • Science-backed skincare with proven result

  • Exclusive 100% pure EGF

  • Effective Moisture Retention

  • Reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and pigmentation

  • Radiant glowing skin

  • Plump, firm and smooth your skin

  • Refined complexion

  • Visibly minimize enlarged pores

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Fast absorption


Easy Application


Start with 3-5 drops every morning and evening. If you’re using a Vitamin C product, skip this in the morning. If using retinol at night, apply before a retinol-based product


Gently pat onto the skin with your fingertips. Then massage in outward motion


Allow it to absorb before applying any other product


    What people are saying about EGF Glow and Grow Serum?

    “This serum delivers what it promises. After a week itself, my skin is glowing and looks dewy”



    What people are saying about EGF Glow and Grow Serum?

    “I have combination skin with breakouts on jawline from time to time. So relieved to see the redness around chin area gone and no clogging of pores. Even the texture has improved a lot. It’s baby soft almost which I’ve not experienced in long time. Best part is I use only 2 drops a day to see great things happen my skin. Now purchasing this for my mother. Will share her experience”



    What people are saying about EGF Glow and Grow Serum?

    “Excellent serum for mature skin. I apply on my neck area too and it’s looking less saggy”

    -Liu T


    What people are saying about EGF Glow and Grow Serum?

    “EGF has been trending in skincare, so I was quite curious to give this product a try. I know from my derma friend that EGF is actually useful for collagen increase and anti-ageing. Honestly, I find this product far better than some international brand of serums that I use in the past. I apply at night and next morning find my skin quite fresh-looking and shiny. More soft also. Don’t find fine lines gone yet because you have to use EGF products for about 90 days to see any difference. Even so, the hydrating effect itself is quite good”

    -Eugenia C


    What people are saying about EGF Glow and Grow Serum?

    “I’m in my mid-thirties with overall okay skin. Previously had some dark patches and marks which are much lighter now. I use this product after cleansing. Just 3 drops are enough. Compared to other EGF products, I find this serum reasonably priced (in SG, not many trustworthy brands). Recently been getting compliments about my face looking brighter and glowy. Also don’t need a moisturizer because the serum is quite hydrating, almost like a good face oil. Have recommended to my friends too.”

    -April L


    What people are saying about EGF Glow and Grow Serum?

    “I noticed vast improvement in my skin texture. It is definitely brighter, smoother and wrinkles abit less too. I like that this product has thick concentration but easy absorption. Will buy second bottle.”

    -Jenny K

Lasting glow, healthy, radiant and younger-looking skin just one bottle away

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Medicels EGF Grow and Glow Serum


EGF-enhanced formulation with 2% Hyaluronic Acid + 5% Niacinamide, specially formulated to promote skin cell growth and brighter skin.


12 reviews for Medicels EGF Grow and Glow Serum

  1. Agnes See

    Skin tone are much more even and improvement can be seen in lightening of my skin pigmentation too. I have tried many serum none result like this – gentle yet with proven result. Will definitely recommend to my friends.

  2. Ken Ong

    Very effective formulation in treating my acnes. It speed up turnover of skin cells and reduces inflammation. Their festive promotion was very attractive by giving complimentary face aesthetics treatment.

  3. Yeong H.L

    My pores has visibly reduce and skin texture refined. Skin feels firm and healthy. Went down to their center at Centrepoint to redeem the complimentary face aesthetics treatment as well. I have tried the fractional eyelift and result was good. Staffs are nice and friendly. Will recommend more friends to enjoy this great promotion!

  4. Gracie Yeo

    Have been using for 3 weeks, and my sensitive skin has not suffered a breakout. Skin is hydrated, firm and glowing. Have tried their aesthetics treatment Water Shine BB booster and all was good on my skin.

  5. Tamie Fee

    Have tried the serum after chemical peels and laser procedures. My skin had heal up so much faster! This serum has amazing skin regeneration power! Looking forward to my appointment with Medicels to redeem my complimentary face aesthetic treatment.

  6. Miciel Munar

    The difference in my skin has been astounding! I wake up with clear skin that isn’t dry or oily. My skin feels pump and my laugh lines are less obvious.

  7. Justina Chong

    I like the texture of this serum as compared to most of EGF serum on the market. It has fast absorption and is not sticky at all. It spreads well too. After application for 4 weeks, it provides my skin with a nice dewy glow.

  8. Benny James Jr

    I’m blown away by the result. Been using this serum for a month plus. My face are actually less oily, less breakouts and feel more hydrated. The texture of the serum is thicker than fluid but it was easily absorbed into the skin. It doesn’t leave a greasy feeling like I thought.
    A few drops of that serum goes a long way.

  9. Henny Ali

    I’m new to this product and I must say I really enjoy the serum. One bottle to achieve comprehensive result!

  10. Reshmi P

    I had congested skin for years and when I first started using the serum I experienced purging and I was worried. After continuing for a week plus all the little pimples and blackheads were gone! This serum had amazing cell regeneration!

  11. Alice M

    Thank you Medicels for the great serum and aesthetics treatment. It really helps me to achieve youthful- looking skin.

  12. Carmine Woolf

    This is a unique serum with proven ingredients. Please note this serum had a thicker texture but it gets fully absorbed when applied onto the skin leaving no stickiness or residue on skin . It really help with skin firmness, refined my pores and enhance healthy skin glow. Well worth the spend.

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